Polypropylene Ductwork Benefits

Polypropylene Ductwork Benefits

Chemical Resistance
Owing to proven high resistance, polypropylene ducting is particularly well-suited for industrial applications in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, electroplating plants or the solar industry, etc.. and guarantee a high level of security and long operating life, depending on the concentration of chemicals, the temperature and the pressure.

Corrosion Resistance
Thanks to the corrosion resistance and the excellent properties of the individual materials, a ventilation duct made of Polypropylene has a much higher service life.

Operating Efficiency
Operating efficiency is particularly emphasized by the long service life, easy processing and the simplified manufacturing process (e. g. injection moulding) of the individual materials. Plastics engineering also makes it very easy to expand and repair existing systems. Consequently, this results in a clear advantage over a metal solution.

Low Weight
The low dead weight of Polypropylene makes it easy to transport and handle during assembly.

Less Danger To Humans & The Environment
The individual components are bonded using a suitable welding process which demonstrates a 100% leak tightness when done professionally, thus causing less dangers to humans and the environment.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Incrustations (deposits) are the result of carried suspended solids. The surface of the polypropylene formed parts is smooth, which reduces the adhesion of such substances and also reduces the necessity of cleaning and servicing entire plants at frequent intervals.

Environmental Protection
Thermoplastics are 100% recyclable. All waste matter is ground finely and homogeneously before being recycled. Polypropylene Ducting can be easily recycled in many different ways with minimum power consumption. Hence, natural resources are used multiple times. This is one of the reasons why plastics are used in many new areas of application, representing all ranges of material of the 21st century. From an ecological and economical perspective Polypropylene is one of the substances of the future.

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