Next 09 Ether Duct/Hose (0.9mm wall thickness)

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Colour: Translucent

Temperature Range: -40°C+90°C (+125°C short time)


Suitable for

Application: Food Hose, Pharmaceutical Hoses


Industry: Food, Abrasive Powders, Microbes Resistant, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Street Cleaning, Leaf Collection and Paddock Cleaning, Dust Extraction, Antistatic Version, Plastics Industry, Glass and Ceramic, Woodworking, Granule Drying, Printing and Paper



Technical Features: ether based polyurethane hose reinforced with a TPU-coated INOX steel spiral, to offer the best adhesion with the hose wall. Smooth inside to ensure optimization of flow properties.


Properties: Resistant to microbes and Hydrolysis. Good resistance to mineral oils and chemicals, excellent resistance to ozone and weather. Suitable to deliver food stuffs in accordance with FDA Regulations (title 21 CFR 177.2600). Very flexible even at low temperatures.


NEXT 09 is made by a special TPU that combines different properties which make the wall material permanent antistatic and resistant to UV, microbes and hydrolysis.


Standards: Free of Halogen and Phthalates, with raw materials in accordance to REACH and conform to RoHS Regulations. The hose can be made antistatic by grounding the spiral.


Application Fields

Suction and transport hose in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. For street cleaning vehicles, in the chemical industry, and for all applications where a special microbes resistance is required.


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