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DuctHub has been created to supply wide range of ducting products from simple household ventilation to complex fume ducting systems.

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Featured Products

250mmØ - 45° PVC Bend
250mmØ - 45° PVC Bend £34.92 View Product
Vulcano PUR Blue
Vulcano PUR Blue £42.17 View Product
Eolo PVC Extraction Ducting
Eolo PVC Extraction Ducting £15.46 View Product
250mmØ PVC Vent Pipe - 6m length
250mmØ PVC Vent Pipe - 6m length £199.60 View Product
PVC Cement - 500mls
PVC Cement - 500mls £25.48 View Product
Eolo Vent Flexible Duct
Eolo Vent Flexible Duct £18.04 View Product

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